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During your stay in our Camping Bellevue in Villers sur mer located between Deauville and Cabourg, you will get the opportunity to discover Normandy’s heritage and highlights.

 Unmissable places in Normandy


7 unmissable places in Normandy

1 : Les planches de Deauville

les planches deauville



World-known, this wood promenade is perfect for a romantic walk on the sun.  Along Its 643 m, there are 450 beach huts where you can read the name of Cinema’s celebrities. Full of stories, this is the place to be in Deauville !  

7 unmissable places in Normandy


2 : Le vieux bassin d’Honfleur

vieux bassin honfleur

The  « vieux bassin » in Honfleur provides a picturesque charm to the city. The old buildings are sharing the space  with the modern terrace of restaurants also with art galeries and little shops. Let yourself be seduiced by this typical city which has inpired most of the impressionist peinters by the time, such as Deauville and Cabourg.

7 unmissable places in Normandy


3 : Le mémorial de Caen

mémorial de caen


It is impossible to speak about Normandy whitout sparing a thought for its historical past. The mémorial of Caen will makes you follow the Norman’s itinerary  during the military occupation or explore an underground nazi bunker. Through different routes you will understand how WW2 has left its print on Calvados.

A touching visit ! 

7 lieux incontournables 


4 : Le cimetière américain de Normandie

cimetière américain


Overhanging Omaha Beach, the 9387 american soldiers’ graves are reunited in the american cemetery of Normandy . Steles of white marble come one after the other. The size of the place is deeply moving. In order to understand better the history, you can book a guided visit on the landing beaches. 

7 lieux incontournables 


5 : La tapisserie de Bayeux

mémorial caen

This tapestry from the XI century which looks a lot like comic books  will plunge you into the life of the Norman hero : William the Conqueror.

70m of History with 58 scenes and 600 characters. Bayeux tapestry is a unique piece of art !

7 lieux incontournables 


6 : La basilique de Lisieux

basilique de lisieux


Second pilgrimage place in France after Lourdes, Lisieux basilica is spellbinding. Located on a hil, this impressive structure overlook the city. The rich materials such as marble and mosaic embellish the inside of this sacred place. Often compared with Sacré-Cœur this is one of the biggest basilica from XXth century. 

7 lieux incontournables 


7 : L’abbaye aux hommes de Caen

abbaye aux hommes


Created in 1063 by William the Conqueror in order to obtain the church forgiveness for his forbidden wedding, men’s abbey of Caen gives a lot of splendour to the city. It is now the Town Hall (perfectly located because it is the heart of the city).  This abbey survived every war and into its church you can commune with yourself at William the Conqueror’s tomb. 

7 lieux incontournables 


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